Our Site Looks Awesome: Coolest Updates and Next Adventure!

 Hi friends,

First of all, just want to thank you all for always visiting and reading our site here. Such an honor that you spend your time and even sharing to some of your friends, that surely is a great blast for everyone. Again, I love you just being here and hope you get the best out of it.

Just want to update you that we are doing some coolest updates and more to make this an interesting journey for you and me.
Our Website subscribers, shooting up to: 3,725
Our FB page now has more people in it: 720++ People
How about our twitter, check it out coz it’s going: 500 People
So add that up together, and surely we have now the coolest tribe and community ever. That’s around 5,000 People. Awesome, right?
Always let us know what cool stories you want to be featured and included, surely want to listen from all of you. Just message me and feel free.

Take note also that the best 3 ways to get some coolest updates and our call to action are the following: Follow via  EMAIL, FB and TWITTER. So yes please, ENTER your email at the upper-right hand corner so you wouldn’t miss all our exclusive updates. Kindly see our right-side bar and take some time to read (about 2 minutes maybe). We have surely updated it, just to make it easy for everyone to connect.

We have also added the “ABOUT” and “Partners” page, its simply at front page below our main header.
The ABOUT @micuniversity page features some information about me and some coolest photo EVER.
The Advertisers and Business Partners page features some partners I’m connected with and how we can connect for business/projects.

And, by the way isn’t our MAIN HEADER looks so cool? See it up… See the 3 cool icons at top-left side? Click it, its alive.


NEXT Upcoming adventure: Our community (@micuniversity | miccaldo.tk), will be part of  BLOGAPALOOZA 2013. See poster below! And if you want to attend and be on my guest list, shoot me an Email fast: michaelcaldo@gmail.com. Inviting you!


We’ll be updating more soon, so keep in touch. We’ll be posting some cool events and story-features for you. Let’s have some of that coolest and interesting LIFE ADVENTURES. So again don’t forget our CALL TO ACTION for this week, “For EXCLUSIVE Updates FOLLOW NOW”

1. Enter your Email (top-right side)
2. Facebook page
3. Twitter @micuniversity



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