Word of thanks to our 1,000 true fans. You ROCK!




Thanks and thank to all our readers and friends. I just simply believe that all we need is a 1,000 (thousand true fans). Nothing more, nothing less. Some may say, in order to make a huge change in society or community you need a whole bunch. Well, maybe we just need a thousand true fans or maybe 10 FANATICS.

Let me give you an update of how we are doing so far… SMILE, great stuff is coming:
– our blog/site now has 432 subscribers/followers
– we have hit 2,700+ readers
– our FB page 619 followers + Twitter followers close to 400. It equals 1,000!

Thank you so much. We have just simply some 30+ post. Thanks for reading regularly, may we keep on posting EVERYDAY. So yeah, keep in touch. This is all for you guys. ENJOY IT 🙂
We maybe not that much now. But yes, for a two or three readers everyday I am much more than happy. Yehey! Share the hug, share the fun. We’ll do some give-aways when we reach 10,000! Oh no… wait… even if we don’t, we can’t be more happier. Connect, keep in touch. Oh my…. smile.


Word of thanks to our 1,000 true fans. You Rock!


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