IN PHOTOS: It’s UPCAT Weekend, Thoughts & Experience

So it’s UPCAT weekend, this Aug 3 & 4. Thousands of high-schoolers, their parents and cars flocked the UP Diliman campus. So I simply walk around and take a look. Here’s what I’ve seen though my lens. It’s interesting how diverse the make-up of students who want to enter UP, and looks like more can-afford families want their kids to be in UP. Ohh how I know this, seeing the cars and heavy traffic makes you think a thousand times. How is UP now and in the future?You can observe it in the UPCAT weekend. Enjoy 🙂

Some experiences and thoughts:

  1. – Food stalls all around, business in good.
  2. – Parents are more tensed and nervous than the UPCAT takers themselves.
  3. – Spotted some friends around: Paulo Tibig, UPLF apps selling doughnuts, MEDIA etc.
  4. – Traffic is heavy on early morning, noon, and late afternoon. It’s because more studes now have cars? I am not really sure, many rich kids here?
  5. – Family Picnic all around the Acad Oval.
  6. – 1 out 10 test-takers you see in the vicinity will actually make it according to statistics. Interesting.
  7. – Hope everyone enjoys the weekend. May I see you around the campus on my walks and jogs. Join in, next time.




More photos on my page: MICCALDO. Photo Album: Here

IN PHOTOS: It’s UPCAT Weekend, Thoughts & Experience


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