10 years ago, I took the UPCAT. Read my #TipsForUPCAT & #RejectedUPCATquestions

The Oblation!
UP President Alfredo Pascual

10 years ago, please don’t do the math for my age. Almost, right to this day. 10 years ago, am also one of those who troop to one of those testing centers for the UP College Admission Test. My thoughts before and after the UPCAT went like this…

“I’m not taking any other college entrance test, except the UPCAT.”

“If I won’t pass the UPCAT, I think I don’t want to go college anymore. We are not that well-off to afford an expensive private education.”

“I should pass the UPCAT, or else I might not really like to go college. I don’t want to attend college anywhere else except UP. Okay, Ateneo and La Salle friends, no problem. 🙂 ”

“I should get into UP Diliman or else, no way”

“Am not against any other school, but yes its UP or nothing. Goodbye.”

“You know how shameful it is not be in UP, with my kind of brain. (Of course, am just kidding.)”

“Yes, its really UP. I came from a simple family, my parents aren’t bankers or corporate executives. UP is really what we can afford for now. I even have to avail a DOST scholarship, just to secure my entry.”

“Yes, UP. It is. I am born for this”

10 years ago, I don’t know what am really thinking. But yes, its true. Going to UP is the most practical, logical and the only choice I have for college. Really. I passed the UPCAT with my fist choice in campus (UP Diliman) and first choice in course (Industrial Engineering). I just can’t imagine where I am now or supposed to be in  if not for that single choice. It’s a game changer I guess, I believe. Entering or being in UP is DESTINY, not really just like being lucky.




#TipsForUPCAT Takers

By all means study and work hard. Preparing for UPCAT is not only for 3 or so months of cramming, Preparing for UPCAT actually started 9 years ago (include you kindergarten years please). 6 years in elementary school plus 3 years in high school, that’s what prepares you for UPCAT. If you think your expensive-review-center cramming is all that it takes for you to pass, you’re in for rude awakening. Yes, I did a two-week intensive review (thanks for UP Pahinungod at UPLB) and also some little self-study. Yes, it’s all self-study, we can’t afford review centers.

My only tip really is relax a day or two before the actual testing day. Get a good sleep and feel like a champion on the day itself. Just dress a comfy dress and bring a decent snack/food. Hey, its not a movie premier or a family picnic. Chill and relax. Come in style, if you want.

But really, its more like this… Its not like you prepare for UP. Honestly, its like this… UP is prepared for you, way before you were born. You get that. Its like you are born for this. Okay! So, don’t be that pressured.



You know how funny Twitter could get or say this entire social media world? Just go to Twitter and Facebook, you will have fun by typing the following hashtags: #UPCAT, #TipsForUPCAT, #RejectedUPCATquestions.

Here’s mine and its all serious (think about it, big time):
1. Why do you really want to be in UP. Do you really want to make a difference in this nation?
2. If you are to go through college like UP, can you please stay out of student loan and be financially responsible?
3. Can you please give justice to your parents money and don’t spend it in DOTA or DATES (sorry, girls) ?
4. Okay, let’s say you graduate UP. Can you please pay back your parents and your nation? Always remember, HONOR and EXCELLENCE.
5. What do you think? Baket di ka crush ng crush mo? Replace crush with UP.

Please answer all that, well. Or if not, maybe you can go to school somewhere else. Smile. Let me leave you with this thought. Yes, education is a right. But I guess education in UP is of much privilege and carry that much responsibily. Hope you can handle it and truly give it justice.

I know we have so much more to go. But til then, thank you UP.



P.S. This August 3 and 4, 3013, around 83,000 high school students will take the UPCAT (VERA Files). The largest number in UPCAT history. Around only 10%-12% is the admission rate year on year. Recent statistics revealed that one out of three or around 30% don’t actually enroll in UPD for various factors (#1 reason I guess is finances).

10 years ago, I took the UPCAT. Read my #TipsForUPCAT & #RejectedUPCATquestions


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