Photobooth w/ Bianca Gonzalez :)) Just For Fun!

Bianca and Me. Formal shot!


Wacky Bianca. Not-so-Formal shot!


Bonus Twitter DM. Huwaaat

Pummeeee Peg:
Rumi-Red Lips ang Peg. She’s nice to talk to.

One conversation goes like this:
Mic: Ohh am from UP and you’re from Ateneo (also DeLa Salle for Highschool)
Bianca: Weehh, magkatabe at maglapit lang naman. Magkapit-bahay lang tayo. :))

Me: Haha Okay. Cgee Papiktyur tayo

Bianca: Cgee na nga :))

Me: Cgee look at the web cam… 1,2,3…
Okay, wacky naman… HAHA Demanding!

Okay. Ateneo and De La Salle, am officially your friend now!
Bianca currently hosting a morning show, Umagang Kay Ganda and a reality show Pinoy Big Brother:Unlimited.