Top 10 for twitter in Philippines (via #followers), any insights?

Last time I checked twitter followers list as of Aug 2012. I’ve personally compiled this list.
Top 10 Twitter followers in Millions:

1 @annecurtissmith 3.3
2 @143redangel 2.3
3 @vicegandako 2.0
4 @IamAngelicaP 1.90
5 @kc_concepcion 1.865
6 @samuelmilby 1.858
7 @iamsuperbianca 1.746
8 @luckymanzano 1.635
9 @iyavillania 1.580
10 @kuyakim_atienza 1.4

Some Insights:
1. Celebrities, TV hosts w/ regular shows dominate the list.
2. 6 women, 4 men. Apparently looks, cuteness and physical impressions matter.
3. Most of them only in their 20’s-30’s age range.
4.  Mostly (is it ALL?) from ABS CBN compare to that for GMA, TV5.
5. Only one person in 3M and 2 in 2M level, speaking of ‘the  winner wins compounded’ analysis!
6. Have many thoughts/comments about the trend but i would rather discuss it personally if you mind asking!
7. May they leverage their social media influence in purpose! (my personal note!)

Am not sure if this is accurate or i’ve missed some, kindly advice me when you have an info. Thanks! Btw, you can also check mine and tweet me for your insights too @micuniversity!