What’s on the list?


That’s the only thing on my list, well for now. It means something to me, whatever that is. My point is that sometimes/oftentimes we can streamline or make our schedule simple by just glancing on the list that we do for ourselves.

Answering the questions like:
1. Is this offer relevant on my list for the day?
2. Does this activity/event will contribute to the accomplishment on my list?
3. Are my activities for today will make what’s on my list a possibility?
…and many others.

We can always reject and accept an offer or something that comes up, because we have this precious list on hand.
Its amazing how much ‘NO’ can we say to people and how numbered will our YES’es be. Thus, we become selective and so focus towards the accomplishment of something that really matters! We only work on what matters, we tell stories that really matters.

May we see the fulfillment of our visions, missions, and goals. We can start by asking: What’s on your list? May we see it happen!
What’s on my list will surely happen. I’ve listed it towards its fulfillment.


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