A Photography Shoot w/ a Celebrity, Sarah Geronimo is this you? :))

Marj’s Shoot on her Special Day! (Album 1)

Master Photographer (XD): Mic Caldo
Mic PhotoIDEAS | http://www.miccaldo(dot)tk | https://www.facebook.com/micccaldo
Style: Candid-Emotions Capture, StoryTelling, Story Documentary, Photo-Creatives, Glamour-Celebrity, Portrait Photography, AP- Aperture Priority šŸ™‚

Cinematography/Video-Master: Merlon Ascabano
+ (DLSU, HP-Hewlett Packard, Merlon Productions)
Assisted by Friend/Guest Photographer: Francis Carlo Romero
+ (DLSU/Ateneo, SpyderPH, Helios Project)

Special Participation credits:
+ Makeup Artist : Anjie Gogna
(Hair n’ Makeup by AnjieGogna, http://www.anjiegogna.com)
+ Music/Song Serenade : Nonoy ZuƱiga
(POP ICON, HITMAKER, LEGEND, The Voice http://www.nonoyzuniga.com) Huwoooow!!
+ Programming: Great Host of Marj’s Friends, Family and awesome people. Thanks everyone!

P.S. To appreciate more: view in Full Screen, Hi-Reso-Lighted Screen. Its uploaded in Hi-Quality mode! Thanks!

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