“Don’t take it personally…” That’s CRAZY.

Venus Transit Feature
iReport feature @CNN.com and UP!
Astronomy rare Event: 2012 Transit of Venus
When i personally e-mailed the admin of the University of the Philippines FB page, they did posted and featured the report. That’s personal right there.
(Credit: Jeric PeNa by writing and passing the article to CNN iReport)

When we do the work that matters to us, it should REALLY really be personal. It should be great, amazing, and remarkable! Some people just have a job, a career or what have you… Isn’t it not TIME to take it personally and be willing to fail and to look ridiculous?
You will/can change the world… LET IT BE PERSONAL.

How else are you supposed to take it?

“Don’t take it personally.”

This is tough advice. Am I supposed to take it like a chair? Sometimes it seems as though the only way to take it is personally. That customer who doesn’t like your product (your best work) or that running buddy who doesn’t want to run with you any longer…

Here’s the thing: it’s never personal. It’s never about you. How could it be? That person doesn’t truly know you, understand what you want or hear the voices in your head. All they know is themselves.

When someone moves on, when she walks away or even badmouths you or your work, it’s not personal about you. It’s personal about her. Her agenda, her decisions, her story.

Do your work, the best way you know how. Is there any other option?
Credit: with excerpts from Seth Godin’s Blog.